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The Legend of Alda the Mermaid

In the old days in the North there was a mermaid named Alda. Her eyes were green and her hair was long and wild. She would sing with such a melancholic voice for the fisherman in their boats that they lost their minds. The only one undisturbed by her haunting melodies was a young fisherman named Brandur. Hardworking and poor, Brandur never stopped fishing and lit bonfires floating in the darkness around his small boat. The light not only attracted fish, but also Alda. Every night she came a little closer to the flames. The moment Brandur's eyes fell upon the mermaid he jumped from his boat and vanished into the sea. Even today, Alda's singing may be heard on quiet nights in the area of Breidafjordur.

These pristine, crystalline sea salt flakes are an excellent finishing salt for all manner of dishes.

We are proud to now offer Nordur's Mystic Arctic sea salt flakes in four unique flavors: Blueberry, Rhubarb, Liquorice and Smoked.

Ingredients: Flaked sea salt from the Arctic waters of Iceland (beautifully packaged in an award-winning box featuring Alda, the stunning mermaid of Icelandic legend)

Flavored Salt Ingredients: (Blueberry) Icelandic flaked sea salt and Arctic blueberries; (Rhubarb) Icelandic flaked sea salt and Arctic rhubarb; (Liquorice) Icelandic flaked sea salt and Arctic liquorice root cured in cane sugar; (Smoked) Icelandic flaked sea salt smoked over birchwood


250 grams (approximately 8.8 ounces) of sea salt flakes packaged in a box with beautiful Alda guarding over the flakes. Flavored sea salts are packaged in 125 gram (approximately 4.4 ounces) boxes.

Featured in The New York Times 2.13.2017

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Beautiful package, delicious smokey salt

Lovely, flakey salt, thank you

Just what I wanted, thank you so much

Fast, friendly communication! Package was shipped out super fast, thank you so much! Quality products and quality seller!!!!

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