We've traveled much of the world sampling traditional foods from the simple to the exotic, translating those exquisite aromas and flavors into easy-to-use herb and spice blends. Simply season your gourmet meals with any of our Merchant Spice Co. herb and spice blends for an amazing flavor sensation that will immediately transport you to the cultural cuisine of your desire. 

Merchant Spice Co. searches the world to bring to you rare artisan sea salts, crafted using ages-old, traditional methods.

Warm up by a fire with our selection of artisan mulling spice blends, each hand-crafted with the finest of ingredients.

Merchant Spice Co. offers a wide variety of exotic teas, hand-crafted tea blends and artisan flowering teas.

Our line of dry rubs and marinades will create a memorable experience for meals with family & friends.

We bring to you an extensive collection of artisan salts unearthed from across the globe, such as Peruvian Pink Spring Salt from high in the Andes Mountains and Persian Blue Sapphire, a brilliant salt gem.

Merchant Spice Co. is proud to offer a wide array of robust coffee rubs sure to please grill aficionados.

We offer one of the largest varieties of seasoned sea salts available, each sure to provide a perfect finish to your gourmet meal.

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