Custom Rare Salt Collection from Salts of the Earth by Merchant Spice Co.


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This is a custom order consisting of the following rare & unique salts.

1 oz. Tradicionalna Morska Sol (Slovenian Sea Salt), coarse grain
1 oz. Winter Harvest Desert Salt from the Thar Desert, fine grain
1 oz. Summer Harvest Desert Salt from the Thar Desert, fine grain

About the Slovenian Sea Salt:

This all-natural sea salt is produced by hand in the Secovije Salina Nature Park in Piran, Slovenia.
The harvest of Tradicionalna Morska Sol still employs the same traditional methods and tools that have been used there for over 700 years. The key process involves natural crystallisation in the Park's salt fields that are protected by petola, a valuable bio sediment substrate made up of minerals and microorganisms.
Dried in the Mediterranean sun, this distinctive salt has an outstanding flavor derived from the clear, rich waters of the Adriatic Sea. The Piran salt with the designation of origin is light, rich in sea minerals, and has an exquisite taste, supplemented by the parent water caught within the crystals.
A product of Slovenia, Istria region, this Adriatic sea salt is an excellent, pure salt of premium quality.

About the Desert Salt:

100% Pure & Natural
The Great Indian Desert, also known as the Thar Desert, situated in the State of Rajasthan, India is the 9th largest subtropical desert in the world. Deep beneath its glistening hot sands, large pools of water form when the rare rains arrive during the monsoon season. As the water seeps down, it combines with the mineral rich desert salt to form a thick saline mixture.
This is pumped up and left to dry in salt pans, creating dunes of one of the purest forms of salts found anywhere. Monsoon rains replenish the water levels each season creating a sustainable cycle. The Thar Desert holds vast amounts of water beneath the surface.
Desert Salt is harvested twice each year. The salt harvested during summer is dried under a very hot sun, quickly creating sun-tanned crystals; while the winter harvest salt, dried over a longer period of time, creates sparkling white crystals.

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