Custom Rare Tibetan Ingredients (Six Supreme Substances) by Merchant Spice Co.


Shipping to United States: $4.25

This is a custom order consisting of Six Supreme ingredients, known in Tibetan medicine as bZang-po dRug.

The Six Excellent Substances are:

1) Nutmeg
2) Bamboo manna
3) Saffron
4) Cloves
5) Black Cardamom
6) Green Cardamom

We will package the following for you:
1 oz. whole nutmeg
1 oz. whole dried bamboo pith (mushrooms)
Herati saffron threads (available in your choice of 1 gram, 2 gram or 5 gram amounts)
1 oz. whole cloves
1 oz. black cardamom pods
1 oz. green cardamom pods

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