Cornish Sea Salt Flakes, Original & Smoked (Cornwall, England) from the Salts of the World Collection by Merchant Spice Co.


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Cornish Sea Salt Flakes

It was a chance discovery that inspired the reinvention of the ancient industry of Cornish Sea Salt for the modern world. The original founder came across an Iron Age salt works in a remote cove on the south coast of Cornwall while out walking. Why had such an essential element of the county’s farming and pilchard industry died out? Because rock salt had become an easier way of harvesting the mineral. With this unearthing, the sea salt industry of Cornwall was reimagined for the 21st century.

Cornish Sea Salt was set up to bridge the ancient and modern worlds. Production is still inspired by the original methods of harvesting the goodness of the ocean. Referencing century old techniques, Cornish Sea Salt Flakes are hand-harvested to deliver the unique Cornish mineral profile that makes the flavour so distinctive.

took us on a journey around the world to source electrolytes from natural sea salts to enrich our brines, allowing the correct conditions for our sea salt flakes to form. We have an ever-evolving range of sea salts and blended sea salts, all with different textures, crystallised and

This would be one of the very few sea salt industries harvesting from open waters, more specifically the protected waters of the Atlantic lapping at the shores of The Lizard, a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Beneath the beauty is a totally unique geographical environment, which defines the taste and high mineral content of this sea salt. Serpentine, once so sought after in the Victorian era, and gabbro, are both rich in magnesium and calcium, two of the key minerals in this salt and essential to life on earth.

From humble beginnings on the south Cornish coast, this sea salt has now become international selling in over 33 different countries. This sale is used just as happily in Michelin-starred establishments as on the tables of home cooks who have an appreciation not only for taste and quality of artisan sea salt, but the exciting versatility and creativity it can bring to cooking.

Cornish Smoked Sea Salt Flakes

Indulge in the essence of Cornwall’s rugged coast with our exquisite Cornish Smoked Sea Salt Flakes. Hand-harvested with care from the pristine waters off the Cornish shore, each flake carries the purity of the ocean and the warmth of the English sun.

Product Highlights

Flavor Profile: A mellow, flame-grilled taste that captures the spirit of an open fire, enhanced by the delicate smokiness from oak, cherry and apple wood.
Texture: Crisp, moist flakes that dissolve smoothly on the palate, delivering a burst of clean, saline freshness with a barbecue tang.
Versatility: Perfect for intensifying the flavors in your savory dishes or adding a unique twist to sweet creations1.

Culinary Uses

Meats: Transform your steaks and grilled chicken with a smoky edge that tantalizes the taste buds.
Vegetables: Elevate roasted or grilled vegetables with a touch of smoke and saltiness.
Desserts: Experiment by sprinkling over caramel desserts or chocolate to surprise and delight with a savory-sweet contrast.
Sustainability Commitment: Our sea salt flakes are sustainably sourced, ensuring that we protect the natural environment while providing you with the highest quality product.

Experience the transformative effect of our Cornish Smoked Sea Salt Flakes and bring a touch of gourmet sophistication to your table.

Ingredients: (White Flaky) 100% hand-harvested Cornish sea salt flakes; (Smoked) 100% hand-harvested Cornish sea salt flakes smoked over oak, apple and cherry wood

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