New Zealand’s Southern Ocean Flaky Sea Salt from the Salts of the Earth Collection by Merchant Spice Co.


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New Zealand’s Southern Ocean Flaky Sea Salt

Indulge in the pure, mineral-rich essence of New Zealand’s Southern Ocean with our exquisite flaky sea salt. Harvested from the pristine, unpolluted waters that caress New Zealand’s rugged coastlines, this salt is a testament to the perfect harmony of nature’s elements.

Product Highlights:

100% Natural: Our sea salt flakes are created with no additives or chemicals, ensuring a pure taste that’s as natural as the ocean itself.
Mineral-Rich: Boasting over 80 essential minerals and trace elements, each flake is a tiny treasure trove of natural goodness.
Eco-Conscious Process: Sun and wind work in tandem to evaporate the water, leaving behind delicate salt flakes that are as good for the planet as they are for your palate2.
Gourmet Quality: Preferred by top chefs worldwide, our flaky sea salt adds a touch of luxury to any dish.
Superb Flavor & Texture: Experience the superb flavor and soft texture that only the purest sea salt can provide.
Versatile Use: Whether finishing a culinary masterpiece or simply elevating your everyday meals, our flaky sea salt is your go-to choice for enhancing flavor with a touch of elegance3.
Taste the Difference: Each pinch of our flaky sea salt captures the essence of the Southern Ocean’s vast, clean waters. Its light, crisp texture dissolves smoothly on the tongue, delivering a burst of clean, briny flavor that complements any ingredient it graces. Enjoy the purity of New Zealand’s natural bounty with every sprinkle.

Order Now: Elevate your dining experience with New Zealand’s Southern Ocean Flaky Sea Salt – the healthiest, tastiest, and most natural choice for discerning chefs and food enthusiasts alike.

Available in a 1-ounce sampler size, 2 ounces, 4 ounces or 8 ounces

Enjoy the Spice of Life!

Ingredients: New Zealand’s Southern Ocean Flaky Sea Salt

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