1000 Day Flowering Tea from the SpecialTea Collection by Merchant Spice Co.


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An artisan green tea, slightly dry character with light floral notes. Hints of sweet caramel sugar are sprinkled on the finish.

The tea comes from tender spring buds of Fujian tea plantations, 500m to 800m above sea level. Traditional Chinese medicine maintains that the amaranth flower tied in with the tea is beneficial for a health lifestyle. Enjoy and raise a cup to life!

Hot Tea: Place one ball in your teapot and add water that is roughly 194°F/90°C. Infuse until the ball is fully open, usually about five minutes. Watch the long leaves unfurl to reveal the hidden flower treasure.

Luxury Ingredients: Green tea and amaranth blossoms

We offer options of one, two or three flowering teas per package.

Net weight: .20 ounces, .40 ounces or .60 ounces, depending upon quantity selected

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very beautiful and it tasted nice!

Lovely, lovely blooming tea. Not only does it taste great, but it's also beautiful in the teapot.

***EDIT: I got a lovely message from the shop, thanking me and saying they're going to start posting instructions in tea listings. How is it possible for a tea/spice company *not* to include instructions on how to brew their tea?? I was asking myself "do I put the tea ball in the pot first, or drop it in? Should I start with a small amount of water before adding more? How much water, how long should I brew, etc...?" NOT A WORD ANYWHERE in the packaging. Then I thought, maybe it's in the product description? NOPE. So I had to do my own search on how to brew flowering tea. Including brewing instructions is not only commonplace when purchasing virtually ANY tea, it's helpful knowing a brand's recommendations for brewing their specific tea.

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