Pastrami Seasoning from the Blends of the Americas Collection by Merchant Spice Co.


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About the Product

Making pastrami is an ages-old, traditional method for preserving meats. Introduced to the United States by immigrants from Romania, this flavorful method of curing is quite versatile, where beef brisket as well as cuts of pork, turkey or mutton, and even salmon can be used to make this delicious cured fare.

Ingredients: Cracked black Tellicherry peppercorns, smoked paprika, organic brown sugar, minced garlic, coarsely ground yellow mustard seeds, coriander, cracked allspice berries, red pepper flakes and clove

Each one of Merchant Spice Co.'s specially crafted blends will bring home to you the flavors of the world’s finest cuisines.

All-natural and salt-free. Packaged in a stand-up, resealable bag for your convenience.

Net weight: 2 oz. Enjoy the Spice of Life!

Reviews (6)


Awesome 👌 Everything perfect 🥰

It is a little spicy but I did use almost the whole bag on my brisket. My boyfriend will love it because black pepper is his favorite seasoning. The pastrami rub has a very distinct, unique flavor. Adds lovely color to the meat.

Smoked a beef brisket liberally seasoned with this spice mix. It made a wonderful pastrami, and my family will be enjoying Reuben sandwiches for days. Thanks!

Great seasoning that smells wonderful.

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