Hawaiian Sea Salt from the Salts of the Earth Collection by Merchant Spice Co.


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About Hawaiian Red Alaea Sea Salt ...

Traditionally used by native Hawaiians in ceremonies and rituals, this unique red sea salt is blended with the mineral-rich volcanic clay called alaea. Its stunning color derives from the particles of volcanic red clay. This salt is integral to native Hawaiian cuisine and is used to season dishes such as kalua, poke and pipikaula (Hawaiian jerky). This unprocessed sea salt adds rich flavor to roasted and grilled meats, fish and vegetables.

Pink Passion is lighter than Red Alaea and is a traditional Hawaiian table salt used to season and preserve foods. A touch of alaea is mixed with pure Hawaiian sea salt, producing this pretty pink salt.

Our Black Hawaiian Lava Sea Salt is made by infusing pristine sea salt with pure, premium quality activated coconut-shell charcoal.

Our Kona White Sea Salt is entirely hand tended. The bright Hawaiian sun transforms the seawater into pure white Kona Sea Salt crystals.

Packaged in a stand-up, resealable bag for your convenience.

Available in a 1-ounce sampler size, 2 ounces, 4 ounces or 8 ounces (1/2 pound).

Enjoy the Spice of Life!

Ingredients: Hawaiian Pacific sea salt & premium activated coconut-shell charcoal; Hawaiian Pacific sea salt & red alaea

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Love the sea salts from this company, and the sample freebie is always amazing to get.

Loved the freebie of salt they Imcluded all tasted amazing

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